Online condition monitoring with »CalemEAM«

In 2010 I spent a couple of month in Bandung, Indonesia. I went there for an internship at »Institut Teknologi Bandung« (ITB), one of the best and well known universities of this country. It was an incredible time and when I left this wonderful place, I lost some very good friend (temporary). I can't put my experience into words. I never met so wonderful, lovely and friendly people before. And again, I really like the say: »Thank you all for enabling me such a great time there! I'm coming back for sure...«.

Nevertheless I had to do something there! Please find my project with its paper enclosed.


This text is the documentation for an additional online condition monitoring module of the asset management software »CalemEAM«. CalemEAM is an open source software for enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) which is developed using other free open source technologies. Primary it is based on the Web 2.0 AJAX framework »AjaxTK« and several other free software frameworks.

The new module enables online condition monitoring (OCM) in CalemEAM. Actually used to show the condition of a solar power plant - showing data like sunradiation, temperature, voltage and current -, it can be used for many other facility, too. Measurements of assets can be published in a chart with a variable number of graphs. The new module is using the free flash chart framework »amCharts«, especially the »Stock« chart set. This is providing a couple of powerful features, like smoothed graphs, customized time periods and an interactive timeline.

This documentation is providing a small introduction into CalemEAM. It shows how modules are added to the software and it introduces into its business logic. Furthermore it is a documentation for the deploy functionality, build-in debugger/ logger and many optional customizations of CalemEAM. The text offers a guidance for installing the new module to CalemEAM as well.

A long period of studying CalemEAM, examining the existing database structure and source code, learning how the AjaxTK framework is utilized and how modules are implemented into the software contribute to the author’s non-positive image of open source CalemEAM »Community Edition«. This project was accomplished during an internship at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia in cooperation with Fachhochschule Erfurt, Germany.


Comment by Casey Swett |

That is Awesome... Obviously you truly did spend months working on CalemEAM. I myself have used CalemEAM for the past 4 years... it does work good, but like you noted... very poorly documented and not future proof. Thank you for sharing your work.